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Small Changes to Improve Your Self Care

Self-care is an important part of living a healthy lifestyle, both physically and mentally. It involves taking the time to focus on your own needs and desires, which can lead to greater engagement with the outside world, increased resilience in challenging situations, and improved overall health outcomes. Here we discuss some small changes you can make in your daily routine to start taking better care of yourself.

Wake Up Early: Waking up earlier is one way to add self-care to your day. Giving yourself some extra time in the morning allows you to create simple rituals out of otherwise mundane tasks like drinking a cup of coffee, stretching for five minutes, or writing in a journal. Additionally, rising early allows you to move slower and have time for breakfast – fueling your body with nutrients that will sustain energy throughout the day. As an added bonus, beating the clock by starting your day ahead of schedule can reduce stress levels when it’s time to start the day’s activities.

Get Outside: Another simple way to add self-care into your daily life is getting outdoors by taking regular walks or hikes. Even if it’s just 10 minutes every day, experiencing nature helps reduce stress levels while improving physical fitness and boosting mood levels at the same time! To really make a difference, try using affirmations such as “I am strong” or “I am capable” during these walks – even if you don’t believe them at first! Faking it until you make it actually works.

Eat Better and Drink More Water: Nourishing your body with healthy foods such as vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and lean proteins, and drinking plenty of water are also great ways to improve your self-care habits. If your body is not running optimally, then it will be difficult to perform even the simplest tasks each day. Eating well and staying hydrated can help improve energy levels and focus, while also reducing stress levels.

Laugh Often: Look out for chances to laugh during your day – from funny books to comedy shows and even not taking yourself so seriously – as laughter is an excellent way to lift your mood and shift a racing mind.

Get Moving: Take at least 30 minutes each day to stay active – from a casual walk to some stretching in the morning – and you’ll be helping your physical and mental health. Working out can be a great experience as well – think of it as your body releasing those feel-good endorphins!

Shut Down: Taking a break from digital devices is also an important part of self-care. Disconnecting can help you reconnect with yourself, your emotions, and the world around you.

Relax: Finally, having a good night’s sleep is essential. Try to create a bedtime routine that relaxes your mind and body in preparation for sleep. This can include reading, listening to calming music, or meditating. Give yourself permission to get the rest you need; it will help you feel more energy

Taking care of ourselves should not be viewed as something we do when we have extra time; instead, it should be viewed as an essential part of our routines that help us stay well-rounded individuals who are able to cope better with life’s challenges.

By incorporating small changes into our lives, we can improve our overall well-being significantly over time. Self-care is an ongoing process that requires commitment but pays off immensely when done consistently; let’s start today!

During her adolescent years, Dr. Dori Fortunato developed an interest in complementary health approaches after watching family members suffer from chronic illnesses. With an unwavering dedication to understanding the body’s ability to heal, she earned her doctorate in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine from the Pacific College of Health and Sciences, San Diego.

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