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Lymph Health

Advanced body compression therapy for ultimate rejuvenation & recovery.

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Lymphatic Health in Bridgehampton, NY

Our bodies have remarkable restorative abilities, capable of healing numerous cuts and wounds and fighting off infections and other ailments. However, there are instances when the body’s natural healing process just isn’t enough, and discomfort, swelling, and inflammation begin to set in. If you’re suffering from chronic pain or are recovering from surgery, lymphatic drainage may help you restore your body back to working condition quicker.

Lymphatic drainage is an effective way to reduce inflammation, eliminate toxins, and experience full-body relaxation. When your tissues retain fluid left behind after your cardiovascular system sends blood to your tissues and organs, this blockage can cause swelling in your arms and legs. But with Ballancer® Pro Gold lymphatic drainage, the professionals at Lila Holistics can move this excess fluid from your tissues to your lymph nodes, which eases the swelling.


How Lymphatic Health Works

When illnesses and medical treatments become too much for your body, your lymphatic system can become blocked by excess fluid. With lymphatic health sessions from Lila Holistics, we can reduce the signs of swelling and remove the blockage using the Ballancer Pro Gold. During your treatment, we’ll place a large sleeve, similar to a sleeping bag, over the treatment area. This sleeve is attached to a pneumatic pump that pulsates and helps your lymph to drain from your tissues to your lymph nodes—reducing swelling and painful symptoms.

Frequently Asked Lymphatic Health Questions?

The Ballancer® Pro Gold is specifically designed to improve your overall physical health, reduce pain and inflammation, increase circulation, and reduce stress. Additionally, our non-invasive lymphatic health treatments offer potential for the following:

  • Enhance blood circulation and nourishment to tissues
  • Detoxify the body
  • Reduce fluid retention and swelling
  • Enhance athletic, injury, and surgery recovery
  • Reduce cellulite and firm skin
  • Flush out metabolic waste
  • Decrease stress levels and cortisol
  • Reduce pain
  • Visibly shapes the waist, abdomen, buttocks, hips, and thighs
  • Reduce weight by volume loss (2-3 sessions per week)
  • Rejuvenate and improve mental health

Yes! Lymphatic drainage can be performed on individuals suffering from rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, chronic venous insufficiency, lipedema, and more. If you’re questioning whether or not lymph health treatment is right for you, contact Lila Holistics today. We can schedule an assessment and determine a treatment plan that can alleviate your pain and swelling.

Absolutely! Lymphatic drainage is an FDA-approved treatment, but there are a few conditions and circumstances where lymphatic drainage is not recommended. This includes infection, kidney failure, heart conditions, and blood clots.

If you’re concerned about how your physical health might be affected by lymphatic drainage, contact Lila Holistics today. Our professionals will be happy to conduct a thorough assessment and create a wellness plan that suits your needs.

Your body is telling a story. Are you ready to listen? Contact us today to book an assessment.

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