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A natural way to give your body a boost.

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Effective Acupuncture Treatments in Bridgehampton, NY

Start your journey to inner balance with our extensive acupuncture treatment options. This innovative healing technique provides you with drug-free, natural pain relief options that treat the causes as well as the symptoms. At Lila Holistics, we offer varying acupuncture treatments, including trigger point acupuncture, bio-acupuncture, aesthetic acupuncture, and non-needle acupuncture.

Whether you’re looking to prevent common signs of aging with aesthetic acupuncture, want to release tight muscles with trigger point acupuncture, or alleviate painful symptoms with non-needle acupuncture, the professionals at Lila Holistics are here to help. Experience a new way of healing in a calm, relaxing environment when you book an assessment at Lila Holistics in Bridgehampton, NY.

Non-Needle Acupuncture

Non-needle acupuncture functions similarly to traditional acupuncture but doesn’t involve the use of needles. The body’s 12 meridians play a crucial role in directing energy to various physiological systems, including cardiovascular, endocrine, and glandular systems, promoting repetitive healing. When these areas have too much energy or too little energy, painful and debilitating symptoms can occur.

Thankfully, Lila Holistics professionals can help you can experience long-lasting relief with our varying non-needle acupuncture services. Low-level laser therapy, frequency-specific microcurrent, cupping, gua sha, and acupressure are just a few of the non-needle acupuncture options we have available. Book your first assessment today to learn more.

Bio-Electroenergetic Acupuncture

Our bio-electroenergetic acupuncture system is designed to improve tissue and organ health by utilizing microamp current. Unlike traditional methods that simply block pain signals, our focus is on enhancing the body’s natural healing processes. We achieve this by using specialized frequencies to target specific neurotransmitters and tissues, resulting in long-lasting benefits that continue to improve over time. Our lower current and higher voltage are more compatible with the human body, promoting cellular regeneration and healing.

Through the use of bio- electroenergetic technology, we are able to harness the power of microamp current to improve tissue and organ health, while empowering the body’s natural healing abilities. By targeting specific neurotransmitters and tissues with specialized frequencies, our treatments offer long-lasting benefits that continue to improve over time. Our approach, which involves using lower current and higher voltage, is designed to harmonize with the human body and support cellular regeneration and healing, rather than simply blocking pain signals.

Aesthetic Acupuncture

Take your skin to the next level with Aesthetic Acupuncture. This non-surgical method uses various techniques, including super-fine acupuncture needles (thinner than a strand of human hair), nanoneedle or micro-needling, frequency-specific microcurrent, and LED light therapies to create a facial rejuvenation experience that also has many health benefits. Aesthetic Acupuncture is not only an all-natural way to give your skin a boost, but it also relaxes, tones, and improves skin texture so it looks healthy and vibrant. If you currently use Juvéderm or Botox, aesthetic acupuncture can complement your treatments for beautiful-looking skin. Our professional approach combines ancient art and modern science that not only inspires but delivers results.

Aesthetic acupuncture can also be used to treat common conditions such as TMD, Bell’s Palsy, Stroke, and more. It can even help with Hair Regrowth. When you play hard and work hard, having a face that shines bright is part of. the journey—Aesthetic Acupuncture ensures you look your best every step of the way!

Frequently Asked Acupuncture Questions

During your acupuncture session, you’ll experience a gently tingling sensation at the needle insertion points. The ultra-thin needles (about as thin as a strand of hair) are placed to create a slight pressure, ensuring there aren’t tiny openings in your skin. Oftentimes you can’t even feel the needle being inserted, but the majority of individuals who undergo acupuncture commonly describe a heightened sense of vitality and relaxation both during and following the procedure.

If you have a fear of needles or are concerned about the process, the professionals at Lila Holistics will gladly tailor your treatments to suit these worries.

At Lila Holistics, our goal is to help you live a healthier, longer, and happier life. For that reason, we take all the guesswork out of your treatments. Before we curate a fully customized treatment plan, you’ll undergo an extensive assessment to discuss concerns, symptoms, and overall goals. From there, we’ll conduct a comprehensive diagnosis, functional movement analysis, and other integrative groundwork to determine how best to alleviate your symptoms.

Call us at (631) 995-3274 to get started and book your assessment today.

Acupuncture is a versatile treatment option that offers relief from a variety of symptoms and conditions. Your acupuncture sessions will be based on your assessment results and health requirements, but this innovative healing technique is known to assist with the following:

  • Pain management
  • Infertility & pregnancy support
  • Anxiety, depression, & insomnia
  • Allergies & asthma
  • Migraines & headaches
  • Skin conditions
  • & so much more!

Your body is telling a story. Are you ready to listen? Contact us today to book an assessment.

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